Sarah Bolitho

Sarah Bolitho

Senior Tutor

Sarah has been in the industry for nearly 25 years, working in most disciplines from PT, gym and aerobics to walking, Pilates and yoga and with a diverse range of clients and populations during her career.

Her key areas of expertise are exercise referral, mental health, pre/post natal, diabetes/obesity, disability, behaviour change and weight management and she is particularly keen on promoting activity in the natural environment.

Sarah is a leading Exercise Referral specialist having worked on a large scheme for over a decade and has been delivering the qualification for many years. She has designed and delivered Level 4 qualifications in Obesity/Diabetes and Mental Health and also holds the Level 4 Back Care and Cancer Rehabilitation qualifications.

This expertise led her to set up a specialist training company, Exact Training, to provide specialist exercise professionals with training and CPD and she also works with CanRehab on their level 4 qualification.

Sarah has co-authored six books including five in the Complete Guide to… series and is a regular contributor to various magazines including REPs journal and Fitpro as well as mainstream publications such as Red and Woman & Home and is a regular speaker at industry conventions and conferences.

  • Testimonials

    • “Exercise is possibly the single most important component of health style change associated with good physical health, not only during cancer treatment, but as a way to reduce the risk of secondary cancers.” Dr David Alberts, Arizona Cancer Center, Oncology Times, October 2006