Fiona Whyte

Fiona Whyte

CanRehab Special Advisor

Among her professional qualifications Fiona has two teaching diplomas and a master’s degree in cancer care, qualifications which have supported her well in her 20 plus years experience working in the field of cancer education.

For about the same length of time she has been an associate editor of the peer reviewed, European Journal of Cancer Care with sole responsibility for the news section of the journal.

This enjoyable role has meant that she has had to remain constantly up-to-date with developments in all aspects of cancer management and care.

Fiona’s research and clinical interests include: cancer rehabilitation, communication skills in the fields of cancer and palliative care, adolescents and young people with cancer and teaching and learning in the clinical situation

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    • “This was hands down the best course I’ve been on in 8 years as a physio. It was the perfect mix of theory, the evidence base and practical suggestions for implementation” Hannah Marshal-Nichols Macmillan Clinical Specialist Physiotherapists