Why attend a cancer rehabilitation course?

  • to enhance your knowledge of cancer and its treatments.
  • to give you extra knowledge whether working in a gym, taking group exercises or personal training.
  • to enable you to offer exercise programmes either on an individual basis or for a group of clients during or after cancer treatment.*
  • to enable you to safely prescribe and deliver an exercise programme for individuals with cancer.*

*when you have other relevant fitness qualifications.

CanRehab currently offers:

CanRehab Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation Qualification

We provided the first approved Level 4 Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation course and qualification. This qualification is endorsed by CIMSPA and REPs Ireland

Of interest to:

  • Fitness Instructors
  • Personal Trainers
  • Sport and Leisure Centre Staff
  • Undergraduates in Exercise and Health Degrees
  • Post Graduate in Exercise and Health
  • GP Exercise Referral Staff
  • Rehabilitation Services

Course Entry Requirements:

  • Fitness professional with at least a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification, and preferably the Level 3 Exercise Referral qualification.
  • Health professionals and academics with specialist interest in exercise and cancer rehabilitation e.g. Physios.
  • Qualified Pilates and Yoga instructors can also attend, however there may be some general principles of exercise that this course assumes students attending are familiar with and may require students to study independently. On gaining the CanRehab Level 4 award, it is important to stress that Pilates or yoga instructors adapt the principals they learn to exercises within their scope of practice and insurance.
  • Occasionally those involved in running rehabilitation services but not involved with delivering exercise advice or programs find it useful to attend as it gives them significant background information. They would not be advised to deliver exercise programmes without further fitness qualifications.


If you are unsure that you meet the entry requirements listed above please email admin on info@canrehab.co.uk

Download an application form here for the current Level 4 Courses

V2 Application-Form-2021


CanRehab Cancer Awareness Course – For Organisations

This Core Training Course, developed and piloted by Professor. Anna Campbell MBE, is designed to help the majority of the staff at independent, commercial leisure centres to become “cancer friendly”.

Of interest to:

  • Reception staff
  • Spa Staff
  • Gym Instructor in their specific exercise classes

This Core Cancer Support Course is designed:

  • To provide information and skills to ensure that if any clients (at reception, the spa, in the gym or at a specific exercise class) mention that they had or have cancer – your staff will be equipped with sufficient knowledge to ask the basic and appropriate questions to ensure that the client is safe to start or continue with their proposed exercise/treatment.
  • Participants on the course will also learn when they are NOT appropriately trained to work with particular cancer patients and when they need to contact a Level 4 CanRehab qualified instructor for advice and / or they should refer clients to the appropriate health professional.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Describe in basic terms how does a cell become cancerous
  • List the main causes of cancer
  • List the most common cancers for men and women
  • List the cancers with highest and lowest survival rates
  • Understand the five main cancer treatments?
  • Comprehend the relevant side effects of cancer treatments with reference to exercise
  • Confidently and sensitively discuss issues related to exercise and cancer with clients
  • Judge if is it safe for them to attend a gym/class/ spa session or treatment
  • Determine when I client should be referred to Level 4 cancer exercise specialist?
  • When should a client be referred to a health professional?

Core Cancer Support Course Aims objectives[2]