Dr Anna Campbell Awarded an MBE!

By February 11, 2018News

Since the year 2000, Dr Anna Campbell has researched the physical and psychological benefits of staying active after a cancer diagnosis publishing over 30 research papers and three book chapters in the field of exercise and cancer survivorship. She is an Associate Professor at Edinburgh Napier University.

Anna was instrumental in putting research into practice: she made two exercise DVDs for cancer survivors; she set up the first free community based exercise programme in the UK; and she is Director of CanRehab, which provides training and education for fitness and health professionals working with cancer survivors in the community. In addition to publishing her research and establishing best practice, Anna is also a consultant for Macmillan Cancer Care, assisting in the establishment and evaluation of UK wide community based exercise programmes for cancer patients and survivors.

“I am incredibly thrilled and honoured to receive this MBE. When I first started working in the area of cancer rehabilitation, most cancer patients were told to stay in bed and rest all the time. For the past 16 years, my passion has been to help provide and disseminate the evidence that staying active can actually provide many benefits after a cancer diagnosis. I have had the humbling and immense privilege of working directly with over 400 cancer patients and survivors to provide safe and effective advice and assistance to help them find the appropriate type of activity to suit each one’s individual current situation. I love my work so much and am driven to continue working in this area as I see and hear about the benefits every day! “